Cameron Team

Vincent Gorguze





Vincent Gorguze has been chairman of Cameron Holdings since its founding. Before establishing Cameron Holdings, Mr. Gorguze was one of the top management executives who were deeply involved in all phases of developing Emerson Electric Company from a $150 million company in 1962 to a level of over $2 billion in 1978. As Emerson Electric’s President and Chief Operating Officer, he was one of the prime architects during Emerson’s substantial growth period, having overall operating responsibility for both the domestic and international operations of the company. In 1978, Mr. Gorguze “retired” from Emerson Electric and began acquiring manufacturing companies on his own. Several of these companies are still part of the Cameron Holdings Portfolio.

Mr. Gorguze is a graduate of the University of Michigan and earned a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering.

He was awarded the University of Michigan, School of Engineering, Alumni Society Merit Award in 1998.