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Cameron Difference

At Cameron Holdings, we are very different from a traditional financial buyer. We are experienced professionals who have both operational and transaction experience with middle-market companies. This experience allows us to better support our management teams and provide relevant strategic direction, helping drive growth and value.


Source of Capital

Cameron has committed capital and does not solicit funds from outside investors. This eliminates any outside influences and allows us to focus on what is best for the business in the long-term rather than some pre-determined hold period.


Cameron History and Long-Term Success

For almost 40 years, we have been successfully acquiring, operating and growing middle-market businesses. We have a deep rooted focus in operating excellence and making decisions that benefit the business in the long-term as opposed to making decisions based on a pre-determined timeframe to exit. We instill some of the same planning and operating philosophies our founder, Vincent T. Gorguze, developed during his tenure at Emerson Electric, Curtiss-Wright Corporation and Ford Motor Company. Click here for more background on Vincent T. Gorguze’s life and business philosophies which remain the cornerstone of how we operate today.



Since we do not have outside investors to answer to, we have ultimate flexibility with respect to investment horizon. With no pre-determined hold period, we are able to take a longer-term investment approach to implementing our “Buy and Build” strategy.


Operational Focus

We are comprised of professionals that have operational experience in middle-market companies that work closely with management to develop and achieve long-term strategic plans. Having been in the “same shoes” as our management teams, we are able to provide valuable advice and support on the opportunities and challenges inherent in middle-market businesses. We are squarely aligned with the management teams running our companies.